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Wow-Worthy Holographic Posters: Make your posters pop like magic with our cool printing. They'll shimmer and shine, grabbing everyone's attention and making them say, "Whoa!"

  • Our Holographic Cards are silver-based; light-colored elements in your design may not show up clearly.
  • High-contrast artworks with detailed designs are ideal for this material.
  • Please note that this listing is for double-sided Holographic Cards (not printing, BOTH SIDES OF THE CARD ARE HOLO MATERIAL) Limited quantity available. WHILE STOCKS LAST!!!
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
A31700$SGD 3.84 $SGD 3.30
A4 (Set of 2s)1700$SGD 3.84 $SGD 3.30
A5 (Set of 4s)1700$SGD 3.90 $SGD 3.35
A6 (Set of 8s)1700$SGD 3.90 $SGD 3.35
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Total : $SGD 3.84 $SGD 3.30
Estimated Total : $SGD 3.30