DanLim Unity PrintLab & Trading

I have been using Dan Lim printing service for the past 5 years. They are able to cater to my needs and print the name cards within my schedule with a good quality and affordable prices. I would recommend them to my friends! 

Quality prints at affordable prices! Love how the colours came out accurately for both my 300GSM prints and waterproof stickers, and Dan Lim's additional lamination options for stickers!

I recommend booking a walk-in consultation for your printing needs rather than emailing. The owner is very knowledgeable about her craft and you can learn what paper type best fits your business' needs through a face-to-face consultation.

The prints also came in an easy-to-carry bag (not shown).

Again, thank you Jazz for the speedy prints!

Dan Lim Print Lab has been my go-to printer for many occasions and Jazz has always been great to order from (Friendly, helpful and goes the extra mile for all her customers.) They work very effectively via e-mail so I usually just come to pick-up my order.

Their print/color quality is high and prices are also very affordable, not to mention the delivery is fast (I had my namecards printed and picked up in 3 days!) Highly recommended.

the printing is super good there is hardly any colour difference between the art and the photocards
they were also very helpful and kind as it was my first time printing for a convention😭😭
super grateful for danlim for helping me 💕💕

Good prices, good printing, good customer service, good dog and good lady boss 10/10

10/10 would come again, thank u for going the extra mile and surprising us with doggo visit